Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Which Handgun Are You?

Hat tip to Texas Gun Nut for this one.

I am a: Glock Model 22 in 40 cal
Firearms Training
What kind of handgun are YOU?

How prescient of them. That's what was on my hip as I took their test.

Now you know why I have a problem finding a BAG day gun. I probably own what I would want.

The Para Ord Slim Hawg is whispering but it's a short barreled .45. They don't spit out at the proper velocity for a lot of ammo to properly expand.

I would also have to add in some new moves to my presentation practice to deactivate the safety on the draw.

I've also fired one of the short .45s and was not overly enthused about my performance. Like a snubby .38 they require devotion to the basics to really make them effective past bad breath distances. That's one reason why it's on offer at the pawn shop, I'll wager.

I'm leaning more towards a Commander sized .45 if I pick one up. Or a G 30 SF. Nothing new to learn there. But why? I have a G 27. More concealable and those bullets scoot faster out of a Polygonal barrel. I could buy it a G 23 barrel and really make them scoot.

Or keep finding ways to stick this G 22 into concealment.

Oh well. I'm in negotiations to swap a couple of lesser guns for an AK variation. A BAG day without actually spending cash may be in order.


the pistolero said...

Buy yourself a nice 10mm. I love my Dan Wesson Razorback! A bit pricey, but a fine weapon. Or you could always go for a Glock 20...

Hyunchback said...

I actually do hope to have a nice G 20 some day. Or maybe some other 10 mm.

Texas gun nut said...

I have decided my next BAG prize will probably be a Taurus Millenium compact in .45 acp.
Fair price for what seems to be a decent compact pistol.

It aint a Kimber or a Kahr, but I guess it will do.

Hyunchback said...

If you mean the PT 145 I have some experience with one. It doesn't have the "Pro" added to the name but I don't know what made one "Pro" vs. the original one.

Compact... Larger in all dimensions than a G 27 but it throws a .45 instead of a .40.

Trigger... My example has a mushy DAO trigger. It doesn't feel consistent. One time it goes off after a lot of what I call "stacking" in archery. Other times it pulls right through. A gunsmith may be able to cure that.

If you'd like to discuss it a bit more go ahead and e-mail me at Hyunchback@yahoo.com


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