Monday, January 12, 2009

Sanitized for WHOSE protection?

When I first came across a story blurb on Yahoo that came from the AP I was left more curious than informed.

Man accused of selling daughter for cash, beer

GREENFIELD, Calif. – Police have arrested a Greenfield man for allegedly arranging to sell his 14-year-old daughter into marriage in exchange for $16,000, 100 cases of beer and several cases of meat.

Police say arranged marriages involving underage girls have become a problem in this small Central Coast farming community.

I was left more curious than informed since nothing in the story gave a clue why a small town farming community might suddenly sprout a rash of using underage daughters as an ATM.

What's interesting is the timestamp for the AP Story: Mon Jan 12, 9:03 pm ET

So I started looking for more stories. It took me a tremendous effort consisting of opening a new browser window, typing in a single search phrase and then clicking on the first couple of resulting links. Too much effort for any reporter to be expected to do.

So, what did I find? I'm beginning to get an inkling based upon another story.

Marcelino de Jesus Martinez was arrested Sunday on suspicion of accepting the offer of money, beer and meat to place his daughter with Margarito de Jesus Galindo, police said.

Police became aware of the transaction after Martinez asked police to return his daughter. The father said the girl had run away, but police came to believe that he wanted her back because her suitor hadn't paid up, Grebmeirer said.

"We were working on this one kind of backward. We hear about these things all the time, but they are kind of tough to investigate or prove," Grebmeier said today.

A different story turned up the photo I posted without giving the names of the the pimping pappa or the baby-raping buyer.

The more detailed report was time stamped: Posted: 01/12/2009 10:38:41 AM PST

Many, many hours BEFORE the AP story.

The story that had the photo was time stamped:
1/12/09 at 7:20 PM. No time zone was indicated but I think it's safe to say Pacific.

I could expect the photo to be missing from the AP story, but the names of the buyer and seller?


These names are of adults charged with crimes. That's public record. They are not the victim.

Who is being protected by hiding this information? Why would a farming community suddenly sprout a certain type of crime?

Well, maybe because of who moved in. Without being legal. Someone doing here what they were doin' back in the old country. Why bother to follow the laws and values of a nation you are invading?

We won't know from these stories if the perpetratin' pappa or the cradle-robbin' Romeo are legal. We probably won't be told the truth as this story takes place in California where they protect illegal aliens better than the California Condor.

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