Sunday, January 11, 2009

So Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson

I don't know what the writers were thinking.

Usually you don't bring in the wacky in-laws until second season, or maybe for the late season doldrums.

Look at how that ruined a perennial Neverwas like "The King of Queens". To quote from the Bard (Weird Al)

"The King of Queens jumped the shark the first minute!
I can't believe Richard Simmons ain't in it!"

Yet, here they go, dragging in Michelle's wacky mommy. She can't help but be wacky. After all she raised a daughter who was never proud of her country until her hubby was annointed by the DNC. The daughter that Little O claims was really attending all those sermons from Rev. Wright. Considering the content of her college writings I believe him. She was already seeing white sheets behind every liberal professor at Harvard.

Nevertheless I feel this is a real mistake for the writers of "The Obamas of Pennsylvania Avenue". They are bringing in the new characters too early. The show hasn't even made it's premier airing! We've just had the web teasers on YouMustObeyTube.

We all know the show's main star got a four year contract. They could have arranged to dump batty Michelle so that Little O could go on a soulful quest. To see life as his father saw it. From between the legs of several dozen women, leaving babies everywhere.

Let "The Tudors" put THAT in their greensleeves and smoke it!

Even if they kept it strictly PG without going for some of that T&A that makes cable so much fun we could be treated to double entendres and frisky innuendo. That way Little O would be REALLY recycling the Clinton Years.

"I hear the President gave up smoking."

"No, just Marlboros. Now he's doing cigars!"

{Cue the audience for a "Whoooooaaaaa!"}

If Little O is out there reading I hope he keeps in mind that I can be hired on to help write this schlock. I promise to not be so derviative as his current writers.

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