Friday, January 02, 2009

Is it April already?

It may be the start of the year but I found something I no longer expect.

An almost honest story from the AP.

Many illegal immigrants live in public housing

Okay, so they are late to the party by several decades. If you live in a major sanctuary city, like Denver, you know that more than half of the people you see in Section 8 housing are flying funny paper. Whether it's a fake Social Security card or a Matricula card there are more than enough illegal aliens using up tax money that they don't pay into.

Untold thousands of illegal immigrants live in public housing at a time when hundreds of thousands of citizens and legal residents are stuck waiting years for a spot.

Illegal immigrants make up a tiny portion of the 7.1 million people in federal housing, according to government statistics. But authorities may be unaware of thousands more, and critics say no illegal immigrant should get housing benefits.

The issue made headlines in November with news that Zeituni Onyango, an aunt of President-elect Barack Obama, was living in Boston public housing while in the country illegally.

It's untold thousands because the agencies charged with abusing taxpayer money refuse to make sure that only legal citizens get benefits that taxpaying citizens paid for.

Now, I wonder why there aren't any exposes in the NYT or WaPo of American journalists trying to get free benefits in say, Mexico? Is it because they know damned well that being an illegal alien in Mexico is not fun? That Mexicans treat non-citizens like criminals? Then those same Mexicans send their relatives up here and demand that we NOT treat them like criminals.

Now try that in France. Want to find out how bad French prison food is? Try working in France without the right papers. You'll be eating a lot of pate' du garbage pail.

While there are no hard numbers on illegal immigrants in public housing, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development reports that 29,570 people — 0.4 percent of all those in federally funded housing — are "ineligible noncitizens." Some may be on temporary visas, such as highly educated workers or college students, but many are believed to be illegal immigrants.

Nice how our paid flunkies can come up with terms like "ineligible noncitizen" to mean "FREELOADING ILLEGAL ALIEN". Now if they would do the right thing and kick out anyone staying in public housing who doesn't belong in our country then we wouldn't be having such a crisis in finding public housing.

Why is it so hard to understand? If we really must have welfare housing then we should strictly limit it to no one except legal residents and citizens with NO TOLERANCE.

The HUD tally does not offer a full picture of how many illegal immigrants are in public housing.

It doesn't include housing funded by state and local governments, where eligibility requirements vary. Massachusetts, where Obama's aunt occupied one of about 50,000 state-funded units, doesn't ask immigration status under a 1977 federal consent decree in a class-action lawsuit that prohibits the state from denying the benefit to illegal immigrants.

Other illegal immigrants may live in public housing without notifying authorities.

So what this reporter is admitting is what I said at the start. If you look you will see that a HUGE percentage of pubic housing is being used by FREELOADING ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Thanks to the Barack Bailouts that have happened and will happen in the months to come our federal deficits are growing faster than Obama's ego.

Is it too much to ask that we finally DEMAND that only legal residents and citizens get public assistance? With the economy in the toilet those jobs that Americans won't do are getting harder and harder to find. What I don't want is a bunch of FREELOADING ILLEGAL ALIENS hanging around for more handouts. They weren't here to do jobs in the first place. They were here for the freebies.

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