Thursday, September 27, 2007

Texas, By God!

A few weeks ago news of a horrific double murder emerged from the gun un-friendly state of Connecticut. A doctor is assaulted, his wife and daughter raped and then murdered, the home set on fire. If the murders hadn't rammed the cops as they left the scene of the crime they might still be free to commit murder.

Those things happen when the law-abiding are made defenseless. When the potential victims are disarmed.

It's not that way in Texas.

A man posing as a police officer forces his way into a home and terrorizes a San Antonio family. The fake police officer attacked the father inside that house, as children and wife watched.

"He hit me with a crow bar in the face threatening to kill me," said the father, who did not want to his identity revealed because he still fears for his family.

He did reveal all of his stitches and staples from the attack.

The pediatrician in Connecticut was beaten, too. Beaten and left to burn to death. The perps were two men with long histories as burglars. Or at least that's what they had plea bargained down to on their earlier convictions. With prosecutors who won't push on real criminals and judges who won't sentence career criminals to significant sentences these two probably had a worse history than we know.

These two beat the doctor, raped and murdered his wife and daughter and set fire to the house.

But in Texas the story didn't end with a whimper. It ended with a bang.

Scared for his family, the father fought back.

"I wasn't going to lay down and let them do what they wanted in my home," said the father. "Good Lord only what they would have done if I would have cooperated they could have killed all of us."

But they didn't because this father managed to get to his gun and fired several shots scaring all three men out of his home.

"We plan on moving out of the neighborhood," said the father. "I've lived here over 30 years, and it's just not safe.

Connecticut, stop letting the criminals and the liberals force you to live in fear! Nation, rise up! Acclaim your right to self defense and MAKE your voice heard!

All you have to lose is your victimhood.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Proof, as if we needed any.

In a move that has stunned New York, the Bloomberg administration is in discussions to escort the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to ground zero during his visit to New York next week, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said today.
Forget the lying. The law breaking. The complete disregard for any glimmer of truth, justice or honoring of the Constitution.

For Bloomberg to even enter negotiations to take Ahmadinejad to Ground Zero while that weasel-faced turd is sending bombs and men to kill Americans in Iraq completely boggles the mind.

If I'm mayor and Ahmadinejad wanted to visit I'd tell him and his entourage to paint their faces and prepare to die.

There is only one way he belongs at Ground Zero. As a head on a pike.

Anyone in office who disagrees with that needs to take their stuff and get out. France or Canada may want you. I don't.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Only Ones Stealing Enough

Lee Paige has given the world one gift. The gift of a phrase that besmirches all the self-inflated public servants.

I usually only forward these but I think I'll start posting some here, too.

ROBELINE, La. - This village's only convenience store decided to do something nice for its police officers: give them a free fountain drink or coffee at closing time. But somewhere along the way, investigators say, it got out of control. Now, all three of the village's officers are accused of stealing snacks.

"Over a period of time, it evolved into regular drinks and more," Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's investigator Travis Trammell said. "There's no telling how it got to this point, but the store started experiencing losses and they watch their videotapes and see all of this going on."

Surveillance tapes showed each officer going into the Shop-A-Lott at Lott Oil around closing time and filling plastic bags with dozens of bottled soft drinks, Trammell said. The officers also are reportedly seen eating an assortment of other snacks without paying.

Police Chief Gordon O'Con confirmed that the officers remain on active duty, but said he was advised not to commment about their arrests. There was no answer at the police department Friday when The Associated Press made repeated calls seeking comment from the officers.

What makes this an Only Ones is that these cops are still on duty, still armed. Afforded the means and opportunity to take retribution upon those who dare to call an armed robber an armed robber.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Can someone take a message?

Hello, U.N.? Can you take a message for me? I want to give your racism investigator a bit of a clue.

First up, what sort of wastoid position is that? Racism investigator? What did he find in Sudan? Oh, he didn't investigate there! So what good is he?

Yes, I know he's yet another muslim crying about Islamaphobia.

The United Nations investigator on racism on Friday condemned a rising trend of Islamaphobia, especially in Europe, where he said it was being exploited by some right-wing political parties.

Doudou Diene, U.N. special rapporteur on racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related forms of intolerance, also accused Switzerland's most popular party, the right-wing Swiss People's Party (SVP/UDC), of inciting hatred.

Now maybe this "special rapporteur" should maybe have a minder, like the rest of the kids on the short bus. It's clear that he's that sort of "special".

"In the current context, Islamaphobia constitutes the most serious form of religious defamation," Diene said in a speech and report to the U.N. Human Rights Council, whose 47 member states were holding a debate on religious defamation.

More and more political leaders and influential media and intellectuals were "equating Islam with violence and terrorism," and some were seeking to "silence religious practices by banning the construction of mosques," Diene said.

Hey, special guy. It wasn't the world who linked Islam with violence and terrorism. It was Muslims who made that link and they've been forging that link for the past several decades. When a Buddhist is beheaded in Indonesia it's a Muslim doing the violence. When there is a terrorist attacking London it's a Muslim doing the terrorism.

WE aren't doing that to Islam. YOUR PEOPLE ARE!

Now, I'm sure you folks at the U.N. really don't want to have anything to do with racism. Guess what. There's racism in the United States. I suggest you folks clear out. Don't stay to the end of your lease. Pick up stakes and move. Let's see. Dubai has a big tower of Babel they just built. Surely they need tenants.

Take your Koran kissing on the road, jack and don't come back no more.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

IDPA is fun!

I got to the club and participated in the IDPA shoot. If I recall there was a total of 16 people participating, split into two squads. We shot in 4 different bays set up with different courses of fire.

The one that cost the most time to everyone was perhaps one of the more creative. The Gun Show.

You've been a good boy and let the security at the gun show put a cable tie through your pistol barrel. You are bent over a table looking at something when some not-good boys pull out guns and start trouble. Your task is the draw your disabled side arm, remove the cable tie, load, chamber and engage the first three targets, then an accomplice in the middle of the imaginary "room" as you move to cover while avoiding a hit on a no-shoot. This being IDPA you are only allowed 10 rounds.

From cover you can re-load and engage three more bad guys, one who is peeking out from behind hard cover.

This stage took the most time from all the participants. I thought it was very creative.

Another stage involved a van used as a prop. Gone campin'. You are carrying in the woods and were engaged in some target practice. You still have 6 rounds in your arm as you are confronted by three armed adversaries. You put 2 each into the three, one of which is dodging frantically. You move with an empty firearm to the back of your van and grab two magazines. The three bad guys had four friends and you have to engage them, too. Again, one has hard cover.

When I did this one I created something of a stir. The plastic barrels the club uses for "hard cover" aren't all that hard. Usually glancing blows result in a flyer zinging overhead. Nothing I hadn't heard before at shooting berms. If you hear them ducking is pretty pointless. They were gone before your ear registered what that sound was.

Somehow my truncated cone FMJ 180 grain .40 S&W found its way into a barrel instead of just glancing off. Once it got in it didn't get out. It went zooming around INSIDE the barrel for a few seconds. People were looking around, trying to spot the aircraft that seemed to be right on top of us.

The remaining two stages were more straight forward engagements of targets.

The results are in. I was dead last. No suprise. It tells me where I start from. Hopefully I only go up from here!

Saturday, September 08, 2007


The destruction of the Democrat's hopes for the White House has begun.

As usual, they are doing it to themselves.

Winfrey holds fundraiser for Obama

The most powerful woman in show business was set to celebrate her favorite candidate at her palatial estate in this coastal enclave south of Santa Barbara. Tickets to the sold-out private event went for $2,300 apiece, keeping them within campaign finance limits. Stevie Wonder was scheduled to perform for the guests, who were expected to include actors Will Smith, Jamie Foxx and Halle Berry. By late afternoon other guests, including actors Linda Evans and Dennis Haysbert and TV director Paris Barclay, had arrived.
This is, in the words of C. Montgomery Burns, is "Excellent!"

Because the only figure on the Democrat side that stands a chance of winning is Hillary any major disintegration and waste of money on the primary fight is going to help ensure a Republican win.

I hope Sen. Obama can see the truth of my words and says "I don't care! Mommy told me I could be a President! I wanna be President!" The longer he holds out expecting to get the DLC nod the deeper the divide between the Democrats and Black Americans.

With the highly paid Black Americans paying court to their candidate (who has nothing in common with them) we have a division between a major voting block which is historically taken for granted by the Democrats.

The DLC will never give Obama the nod. The DNC is just a sock puppet for the DLC. The DLC wants Hillary.

This spells disaster. Without the votes the Democrats always take for granted they won't have a chance in the general election. In fact, without Obama in the race, many Black Americans will probably stay home rather than vote at all, helping to ensure more Republican victories in 2008.

The beauty of it is that the Democrats are doing this to themselves.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I can feel it comin' in the air tonight...


I have a day off from work. I have an IDPA match within convenient driving distance. I have an IPSC safety card.

I have to give this game a try.

IDPA is closer to what I want to do than IPSC. If you are talking open carry you are for IPSC. If you are talking concealed you are talking IDPA. Now, that's not apparently a firm rule at the club I'm going to. This being Texas cover garments are sometimes eliminated.

Choices. When I took the IPSC safety course I wore an Uncle Mike's kydex holster on my hip. This holster was fine for IPSC.

It rates as the only holster mentioned in the IDPA rulebook I got today as the one you CAN'T use. Maybe the guys at this club are lax enough that it won't matter.

Or maybe I'd better look at other options.

Fobus IWB Glock holster and and Galco Combat Master intended for the G 19/23.

Maybe I should just figure on shooting the Glock 23? If that's what I want to carry shouldn't I try shooting it in the gun game?

Or should I tolerate the G22 sticking out of the Combat Master holster by at least half an inch?

Decisions decisions. The Gibsons has a terrible selection of holsters. If I could get my hands on a Galco Matrix for the Glock I'd choose that. Not sure if I ever picked up a Blackhawke CQC Serpa for the Glock.

Or chuck the Glock platform and pull out the Serpa I know I have for my Beretta 96D? With the trigger job it's better than standard. The club is more likely to overlook the aftermarket grips than a non-permitted holster.

Or take the DOH of my BladeTech DOH holster for the CZ SP 01 and shoot 9mm?

I haven't been practicing enough.

Not for scoring.


If you put that in your holster and carried it you'd not worry about practice. You know you can hit a torso sized target up to 50 yards without even trying. Handgun, rifle, it doesn't matter. You just got too used to firing into those 3" Shoot-N-C targets.

You could shoot this thing with the 27 and you know it.

Quit trying to beat yourself before you get to the paper.

This is a gun game.

You are better than that.

Go and show them. You are better than they think. You are better than you think. You are good. Not fast. Not yet. But you are good.

Whiskey River Part II

The exploration of bourbon continues. Jim Beam Black is okay but not worth the premium. Eagle Rare is a single barrel bourbon. Taste is lighter than some I've tried. So far Jack Daniels No. 7 or Bulleit are my favorites.

At least bourbons are half the price of good single malt scotch.

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